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Martha von Redlich began Hampshire Hill in about 1947 and is still in business today. From what I know, this Arabian and the others in the series were the very first resincasts made in the hobby, sculpted and handcast by Martha in the 60's and early 70's. Martha tells me that she has only produced a few resins. Most of her pieces are ceramic or porcelain. She produced (and still produces) an Arabian, Morgan, TWH and QH, available in two different sizes; the small ones are Stablemate sized, the larger are about Classic size. Each is offered with real or painted hair manes and tails and come custom-painted or artist choice. Above: This bay Arabian is ceramic and the size of a Stablemate

When Martha sculpts a new horse, she makes a latex mold and pours one that she makes as perfect as possible. Then she sends or takes it to a master mold maker where a multi-part mold is produced so that Martha can pour them in ceramic or porcelain. Martha sells mostly ceramic pieces, with occasional porcelains. With ceramic, the models can be reposed while fresh out of the mold (before firing) or she can personalize them to match a special horse, or make them mare, stallion, or gelding to order.

The first horse she produced was an Arabian named Scimitar (see below). The next one was Wazir, a sculpture she was very happy with. In the scale of Wazir (larger than Classic, smaller than Breyer), she also has a Morgan called Eagle, who also comes in a dollhouse scale, 1"=1'. He is 6 inches to the top of his ears.

If you would like to contact Martha, her email and snail mail addresses are below:

Martha von Redlich
15 Forest Brook Road
Newbury, NH 03255

Arabian "Scimitar" in Dapple Grey
Classic-sized Arabian; photo provided by Elizabeth Bouras, owner unknown. Created in 1977, this is Martha's first sculpture!

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