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The Model Horse Gallery structure is divided into 26 sub-folders (by letter of alphabet of company name and/or last name of artist), with galleries by artist and one combined folder for companies under that. You can use the link at the bottom of the page to go to the home page where there are alphabetical links to individual artists or companies.

Please report the problem to the Model Horse Gallery Curator via for resolution; please include the URL of the page that referenced the bad link and where the link was supposed to go. Thank you. If the referring page is not from the Model Horse Gallery, please inform the webmaster of that site that there's an issue.

You might check here to see if there's been a major structural change.

If you are looking for the article on paint patterns, it has been moved to this site. Please update your links accordingly.

The internal structure has changed a number of times over the years that it has been developed and maintained. I will only guarantee that the main page will remain static. The rest of the structure may be modified without notice.

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