Illya's Warlokes Black Magic
Aka: Warlock, Purrboy--one year old black smoke Maine Coon neuter owned by Marie Spinella-Phillips. This is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen! (And it doesn't even have spots!) :)) The lower image is Warlock in December 2011 at age 17, "thinner and lighter but still doing well for an elder statesman". UPDATE: Warlock died May 3, 2012.

Pangurban's Kai Brunnen G Assassin
aka Kai-A. Red classic tabby Maine Coon neutered male. Pictured at 11 months old. He's my big goofy clown in a red suit! Lovable, sweet and full of mischeif!
Update Pangurban's Kai of Brunnen G - I posted this before realizing his registered name could not have "of" in it--his name is Pangurban's Kai Brunnen G Assassin--Kai is now 6 years old and weighs 24 pounds, a huge Maine Coon we adore and cherish. He's a big Momma's boy and included is a updated pic of him.

Orion's Lucky Shot
Orion's Lucky Shot-a one year old Domestic Shorthair we adopted from my niece who found him as a two month old near her home last year in 2007. She named him Lucky, hoping to keep him but with five dogs in the house my sis was terrified to let my niece keep Lucky so we took him and named him Orion. We honored her by giving him the full name of Orion's Lucky Shot. he's grown into a muscular yet chubby beautiful black cat with sleek fur. he loves my husband and even greets him when he comes home from work! he's 7 months in this picture-right before he gained weight!.

Aka: Munchie, Pudga, Chubba, Fat Thing, Pugsly, Waddles--pictured as a 2 year old adopted stray. He IS sitting up in the photo--now those are some SHORT legs! Munchkin passed over the Rainbow Bridge October 31, 2000 at nine years of age and is missed very much.

Charlemaine Independence Jefferson
Aka: Indy--one year old rust tabby spotted Maine Coon neuter owned by Marie Spinella-Phillips. This photo was taken in 1994 on his birthday, July 4!
Update: Charlemaine Independence Jefferson- passed away Jan 9, 2008 at 14 and a half years old from a malignant tumor. We miss our Psycho kitty.

Aka: Pig Weasel, Pig Boy, Whale Butt, Mr. Loaf--four year old, 18 pound silver tabby Siamese mixed neuter owned by Marie Spinella-Phillips. Can you tell that he enjoys eating?
Update: Phantom-F-4 Phantom Wild Weasel- passed Aug 17 2007 after a long battle with chronic kidney disease. It was heartbreaking to watch the once athletic strapping boy waste away to a mere 9 pound of skin and bones. We miss him so very much.

Four year old brown mackeral tabby Maine Coon neuter owned by Marie Spinella-Phillips. Khan is the typical Gentla Giant! He is unflappable. While sitting on this chair, Marie's brother-in-law set off firecrackers--Khan barely flicked an ear. He was NOT giving up his chair! He does hate baths, meds & vet trips!
My Khan passed to the Rainbow Bridge April 10, 2002 after a six month battle with cancer, lymphosarcoma, a mere month before his 11th birthday. He is sorely missed by all that knew and loved him.

5 year-old blue cream tortoiseshell of Russian Blue ancestry female. She was Miss Queen Kitty of the house! Sadly, Mandee passed away on March 26th, 1999, from renal and congestive heart failur. She would have been twelve years old in May. Marie and her family miss her very much.

Aka: Skunkie--shown at one year, this black and white Maine Coon neuter died shortly after this photo was taken and is sorely missed!

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