Most well-known for her Franklin MintHorses of the World series and her lovely, delicate latex Rydal horses, Pamela has recently released these spectacular horses in resin and bone china

Costumed Arabian in Liver Chestnut
This piece is one only to be fully appreciated in person. Extremely detailed and breathtakingly beautiful, right down to the countless tiny tassles.

Headstudy of Costumed Arabian in Bay

Costumed Arabian in Bay

Costumed Arabian in Light Grey

Costumed Arabian in Chestnut

Costumed Arabian in Light Dapple Grey

Costumed Arabian in Dapple Grey
This piece is cast in bone china

Reclining Arabian Mare in Bay

Lying Arabian Foal in Chestnut

Lying Arabian Foal in Bay

Sobha Bint Ibn Halima

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