In it's third year, Breyer has held an event in Sacramento, California, in conjunction with the Western States Horse Expo.

The format is usually open show on Friday, swap meet in Saturday and novice show on Sunday.

Many of the BreyerFest special runs are previewed.

All picuters taken by curator, Gail Berg, unless otherwise indicated.

BreyerWest 2008 special run
Known as "Caliente", Andalusian mold in chestnut.

BreyerWest 2008 volunteer model
Ranch horse mold in palomino glossy. Image provided by Becky Yeager.

Silver in appaloosa
Known as "Matrix", Silver mold in black leopard appaloosa.

Newsworthy, new mold
Known as "Newsworthy", new Jumper mold in white grey.

Christmas special run
Geoffert mold in pink decorator with Christmas tack.

Polo Pony
Polo Pony (classic size) mold in bay.

Christmas ornament
Stablemate G2 Andalusian in silver dapple with Christmas tack.

Tregoyd Journeyman mold
Tregoyd Journeyman mold in glossy dark dapple grey.

Drum Horse in grey
Drum Horse (appears plastic) mold in grey.

Pirouhetting Iberian
New mold in grey.

Cantering Warmblood
G3 Stablemate Cantering Warmblood mold in bay pinto. Near side shows Western hemisphere; off side shows Eastern hemisphere.

Keltec Salinereo in chestnut
Keltec Salinereo mold in chestnut.

Sham in egyptian motiv
Sham mold in chestnut.

Semi-rearing Mustang in buckskin pinto
Semi-rearing mustang mold.

Swiss cow and calf in chestnut
Cow (new mold?) and standing calf in chestnut.

Arabian porcelain mare in costume
Black Arabian more with red saddle highlighted with gold.

Trio of plushies
From Left to right: Bayberry, Jr (in chestnut); Tucker; Patches

Winddancer in slate blue with purple wings
Known as "Kona".

Wind dancer in silver grey with blue/green wings
Known as "Sumatra".

Winddancer in red appaloosa
Known of Brisa.

Winddancer in bronze/gold
Known as "Sirocco".

Mini Whinnie set
Known as "Blue Ridge Equine Clinic".

Mini Whinnie set
Known as "Austrian Riding school".

Mini Whinnie set
Known as "Circus city".

Stable accessory set
Stablemate scale.

Groomiung accessory set
Stablemate scale.

Pickup and gooseneck trailer
Stablemate scale.

Stablemate set
Stablemate G2 molds; Saddlebred in brown; Andalusian in Palomino; Running Thoroughbred in grey pinto; chestntu walking quarter horse.

Play set and tack activity kit
With Ginger mold in palomino.

Model horse sculpting kit

My dream horse kit

Paint your own horse kit
With paddock pal horses.

Mini Whinnie painting kits

Horse Sense board game
With mini whinnies.

Puzzle with Stablemate
G3 Cantering Warmblood in bay roan. Known as the Exciting World os Stablemates.

Puzzle with Stablemate
G3 Standing Stock horse in chestnut pinto. Known as Fun in the Sun.

Puzzle with stablemate
G3 Freisen in chestnut. Known as Running Free.

Horse Play card set
G2 stablemate drafter in grey.

Saddle club set
Classic cantering Quarter Horse stallion in dun.

Saddle Club set
Classic Duchess in chestnut.

Saddle Club set
Classic Ginger in black.

Classic Warmblood stallion and foal
New molds. In grey.

Morgan Mare and foal
New molds; in chestnut/palomino.

Pinto Sport Horse mare and foal
Chestnut pinto Ginger mare; new mold chestnut pinto foal.

Waho King in buckskin
Known as "Hot Shot".

Indian Pony in black
Known as "Belle".

Flash in dun
Known as "Starlight".

Halla in chestnut
Known as "Prancer".

Western Rider Austin

Ruffian in chestnut
Known as "Rags to Riches".

Western Rider Kylie

Smart Chic Olena in grey pinto

Drum Horse in black
Known as Fox Valley Oliver.

Phar Lap in chestnut
Known as Theodore O'Connor.

Stock Horse Stallion in grulla blanket appaloosa
Known as DZ Weedo.

Bluegrass Bandit in dapple grey
New modl for 2008.

Proud Arabian Stallion in bay
Known as "Thee Desperado".

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