Through time, a number of companies have produced ceramic copies from Breyer pieces. Here's some information from Cynthia Perry about some of the companies who have produced "copies".

But as I've been watching ceramic molds on eBay off and on, here's what I can contribute. There apparently seem to be several companies that produced hobby / craft ceramic mold lines that got a hold of some Breyers and created molds off them. I've seen the FAM, the Running Foal, the Foundation Stallion, the Grazing Mare, and the FAF, and possibly the Fighting / Rearing Stallion so far. But there may well be others. One of the companies is Macky, another is Garrard (sp?), and yet another is Santire. I happen to have an FAF mold from Santire. But I've also seen molds from these other companies on eBay. I do not know if these companies had any relationship to one another. Still, it wouldn't take much for any company to buy a Breyer and mold it. If Breyer knows about it, they either didn't care, or they cared and the companies stopped making the molds, I'm not sure which. The molds do show up on eBay, but often tend to get bid up pretty high if discovered. I recently saw the Grazing Mare and Foundation Stallion molds go to prices at or above $150. There are also a number of "altered" Breyers that have been cast, with, ah, foliage between the hind legs. I'm not sure who produced those molds, but they are pretty common, possibly still available, given the number of bisques one sees for sale on eBay. As far as I know, Breyer hasn't done anything about that either. As an interesting note... Breyer copied the Boehm Porcelain Adios for their Adios. Not the only Boehm piece they copied, either. They aren't identical, but very similar. (Maybe one reason Breyer is less defensive of their copyright is that they did enough copying themselves in their early years, LOL!) Or maybe they just don't care about the craft ceramic stuff. And a small company by the name of Edgerton Porcelain released an OF run porcelain Running Foal copy in a buckskin pinto. I used to have one of those. Except for the mold, LOL, the color was actually fairly attractive.

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